Our Approach

Our Approach

Good Gate Inc. was founded on the principles of making better designed products at competitive market prices through the use of advanced manufacturing techniques and streamlined customer experiences.

We aim to delight you with our products and real commitment to customer service. If it is not right, we will make it so!


Our Story

Meet the Team

We're a small but growth oriented company with big ambitions. We hope that the team grows significantly and that you can look forward to seeing more smiling faces on this page soon!

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Graham Kawulka, P.Eng


Experience in areas of business that span such aspects as R&D, Patents, Engineering Management, Product Management, Service, Sales and Marketing, B2B sales, B2C sales, and P&L positions. Graham brings a wealth of knowledge and proven record of performance from such companies and GE and Siemens to any team.

Calvin Austrom

Calvin Austrom, P.Eng


Calvin is a skilled Operations Manager with a passion for building strong teams that achieve great results through continuous improvement.  He has experience leading employees, using Lean Manufacturing principles, and implementing new technology in manufacturing. Along with goal setting and measuring results to improve safety, quality and the bottom line.