Closure Contact/ Switch Package

Elevator Safety Code requires that each carriage gate be integrated with a closure switch that tells the control system that the carriage gate is engaged before the elevator will move.

Some elevator manufacturers want to procure their own switch, bracket and actuation arm. We’re just fine with that but for those that would prefer to have it all come as a package we can certainly help you with that. The Good Gate contact also comes with a magnet that helps keep the gate closed. All this hardware is above the site line of the carriage and retains a low overhead clearance.

Saber(TM) Operator

Power Operators

While manual gate operation is more common some people want to have the carriage gate operate automatically and we can provide an operator that will integrate with our gate.

The Saber(TM) Gate Operator from Good Gate is a belt drive, low profile operator that was specifically designed to work with the Good Gate product but can also be utilized with Accordion style gates. The Saber(TM) is also universal for direction.

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